At Chemical Microscopy LLC, we use some of the most diverse and valuable combinations of techniques and instruments available to a forensic chemist. Here is a partial list of our instrumentation.

  • BX51TRF with digital imaging
  • BX41P with digital imaging
  • BH2-UMA vertical brightfield/darkfield with digital imaging
  • BH2-BHS
  • BH2
  • Nikon, SMZ800 with Schott fiber optic illumination and digital imaging
  • Olympus, SZ1145 with Schott fiber optic illumination
  • BH2 phase contrast with digital imaging
  • BH2-MJLT reflected light and transmission light DIC (differential interference contrast) with digital imaging
  • BH2-BHS-dispersion staining microscope with digital imaging
  • Olympus BX51TRF fluorescence microscope
  • Smiths Detection, IlluminatIR 1.5, on an Olympus, BX51TRF
  • Smiths Detection, IlluminatIR 2.0, on an Olympus BX41P PLM
  • Horiba Scientific, Explora Raman, on an Olympus BX51TRF PLM
  • UV-Visible-NIR fiberoptic mini-spectrometer interfaced with an Olympus BH2-BHS PLM
  • FEI, Nova nanoSEM Field Emission
  • Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis EDS SSD with AZtecFeature software:
  • High Vacuum Imaging
    • Everhart Thornley detector (ETD): routine imaging
    • Through-the-Lens detector (TLD): high magnification/resolution
  • Low vacuum imaging
    • Low vacuum detector (LVD)-lower magnifications
    • Helix detector (Helix)-high magnification/resolution
  • Back-scattering imaging using the Gaseous Analytical Detector (GAD)
    • High vacuum and low vacuum
  • Cressington 208HR turbo-pumped sputter coater

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities, please contact us.